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There are some basic rules that should be followed:

  • All radio operators must operate their stations strictly in accordance with their national licensing regulations;
  • Stations should call “CQ Jamboree” or answer Scout stations calling to establish a contact;
  • Well Get Get Gift Well Bags Tote Soon Bags Gift Get Tote Gift Soon Tote Bags Well Any authorized frequency may be used. It is recommended that stations use the agreed World Scout Calling Frequencies listed below as starting points. To avoid congestion, other frequencies close by should be used as well.
  • The listed frequencies are “calling frequencies.” After you make contact with a station, ideally you’ll QSY (move) to another frequency and leave the calling frequency open for others to establish contact.

World Scout Calling Frequencies

HF SSB Voice

  • 80 meters — 3.940 MHz and 3.690 MHz where authorized.
  • 40 meters — 7.190 MHz and 7.090 MHz where authorized.
  • 20 meters — 14.290 MHz
  • 17 meters — 18.140 MHz
  • 15 meters — 21.360 MHz
  • 12 meters — 24.960 MHz
  • 10 meters — 28.390 MHz
  • 6 meters — 50.160 MHz

HF CW Morse Code

  • 80 meters — 3.570 MHz
  • 40 meters — 7.030 MHz
  • 20 meters — 14.060 MHz
  • 17 meters — 18.080 MHz
  • 15 meters — 21.140 MHz
  • 12 meters — 24.910 MHz
  • 10 meters — 28.180 MHz
  • 6 meters — 50.160 MHz

JOTA-JOTI is not a contest. The idea is not to contact as many stations as possible during the weekend. It is about Scout to Scout conversations to learn about one another and the country where they reside.

All participating groups are asked to send a report of their activities to their National JOTA-JOTI Coordinator (NJC) after the event.

NJC’s are requested to send a National JOTA-JOTI Report to the World Scout Bureau for inclusion in the World JOTA-JOTI Report.


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