Learn how MUSA
Tackle with
in Cloud?
can help you...
for (multi-)cloud applications
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for Cloud
and for multi-Cloud
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MUSA Framework
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Continuous Security Assurance
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Security in multi Cloud

Unified cyber-security of Cloud applications for collaborative DevOps

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Standard-based and systematic Risk management, SIEM (security incident and event monitoring) and early Reaction for Cloud applications.

Our Solutions

Risk management

Standard threat catalogue based systematic process for collaborative teams

Cloud Service Selection

Risk-based cloud service selection decision support

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Service Level Agreement support

Automatic creation of SLAs with security metrics, ready for continuous assurance

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Security incident and event monitoring, plus automatic reaction.

Cloud security deployment

C Bag Nightclub For Bag Shoulder Evening Clutch Purse C Handbags Dresses Wedding Party Addora Prom Banquet Ladies Bags Automatic deployment in hybrid, heterogeneous, independent IaaS and PaaS

Multi-cloud modelling

Specification of deployment and security requirements

and more...

All the MUSA tools are integrated in the MUSA SecDevOps Framework, a single kanban-style Dashboard that enables multi-disciplinary DevOps teams to collaborate in the application life-cycle. The columns in the board represent different steps in the security life-cycle and the cards in the board represent the application components which each can be in different development phases. See all the details in here.
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MUSA offers an easily extendable Catalogue of security mechanisms already prepared to be deployed to work with your application components. The mechanims are enforcement agents that are automatically added by the MUSA Modeller and deployed by the MUSA Deployer. The agents report security events to the MUSA SIEM at operation time.

Customized Solutions

If you want to customize the MUSA Security Solution to help you being compliant with the GDPR, please contact us.

Our experts will guide you in the customization of our solutions: privacy-aware solution, support for GDPR compliance, extended security incidents and event management...

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